News and Order Updates

October 29. 2021 - Good news! We got a bunch of parts in recently. Enough headstock parts that it looks like we'll catch up on all orders to date for those parts. It also looks like we'll be getting motors midway through next month. I'm not sure how many motors our supplier is allotting us...but we'll take anything at this point. For domestic orders, if you have a headstock with motor ordered and we don't have the motor yet, we will start doing split fulfillment. In other words, we're going to send you the headstock with any other in stock parts and if you have a motor coming to you, we'll send that as soon as we get it. The past few years have been challenging for us and many others. I again want to thank all of you for your patience.

As a general company news update... We've also purchased a new CNC mill to build more of the parts in house. The goal is to prevent out of stock issues on milled parts until our outside suppliers can get us parts, if that situation comes up. Turning and grinding spindles will still all be done by our outside suppliers. Secondary ID grinding will be done inhouse.

September 9, 2021 - We just got a shipment of aluminum parts and one steel part in. This shipment included: motor mounts, HD headstocks for ER, R8 and ISO20 models, R8 drawbars. The redesigned TaigTurn and Micro lathe adapters, new R8 low profile spindle arbors and ISO20 drawbars will be here in about 2 weeks. For us to send out more 5C headstocks, we will need to get the new headstock casing shipment in. They haven't given me a ship date, but it should be just a matter of weeks. It's the same for the new BT30 drawbars.

What we know there will be a delay on is the motor controllers. The chip shortage has affected us just like so many others. I haven't been given a ship date on those because I don't think the manufacture knows a potential ship date. I get the feeling that the bigger corporate players are sweeping up all the chip resources before the smaller guys can get chips. The reason I say that is because some suppliers have had chip manufactures back out of orders just to cater to their bigger customers. Some of you guys have told me you're in the same boat with your business as well.

For those asking about the CAT40 for the Grizzly, Precision Matthews and other BF models...I'm guessing, and this is strictly a guess, that we will have them designed and ordered in the spring with a Summer delivery. We may however, offer a BT30 headstock adapter sooner than that. We don't really want to get started on too much new stuff until we're finally in a position to carry inventory for our current line up. Hopefully that makes sense.

I have spoken casually to some about an ID/OD grinder possibility. This would be setup that can be used with a lathe, mill or custom setup. This will likely become available this winter because it would be using existing part designs. That means the same headstock build time frames apply. It's more of a tooling and pulley package to use existing headstock models as grinders. The BT30 will likely be the "go to" model for this. If you're thinking about grinding, start thinking about your dust extraction strategy. You don't want that stuff getting into any friction can and will ruin ballscrews and bearings if it's not controlled. For some reason, grinding dust is pretty sneaky and gets into the oddest places.

August 13, 2021 - I'll be available until next week to respond to emails and so on. Early this week, my wife was unexpectedly hospitalized. It appears she'll be fine, but that pretty much put the whole week on hold for us. It's one of those things that makes the week a blur and loose track of what day it is. Anyway, thanks.

Almost forgot, I'm waiting on an updated production schedule for the aluminum parts. That will give us a better idea of what will come when. Keep in mind, that's the suppliers best guess as to time.

July 20, 2021 - We are still currently shipping BT30 and 5C headstocks. Those with motor orders...we are out of motor mounts and they should, in theory, be here in about 4ish weeks. Those with ISO-20 and R8 low profile headstocks, we are out of headstock casings and those also should be here in 4ish weeks. I can also foresee us running out of BT30 and 5C headstock casings over the next few weeks. The new casings will be in with that 4ish week order. We were shooting for June on the parts I just mentioned, but we got pushed back. I suspect from much bigger customers than us getting priority. For motors, we are sending out everything we currently have and more will be coming. I don't have a date for the motors yet. The motors are custom wound for us and the drivers are also modified from what from what they normally produce. So, they are just an on the shelf product.

May 25, 2021 - Because this page was acting strange and wouldn't update correctly, I've started it over fresh. Anyway, we have a long awaited shipment of 5C spindles that are schedule to arrive late next week. This is our first batch using our changed manufacturing process. We should have motor mounts and the headstock casings for R8, ISO20, ER here late June.