News and Order Updates

July 20, 2021 - We are still currently shipping BT30 and 5C headstocks. Those with motor orders...we are out of motor mounts and they should, in theory, be here in about 4ish weeks. Those with ISO-20 and R8 low profile headstocks, we are out of headstock casings and those also should be here in 4ish weeks. I can also foresee us running out of BT30 and 5C headstock casings over the next few weeks. The new casings will be in with that 4ish week order. We were shooting for June on the parts I just mentioned, but we got pushed back. I suspect from much bigger customers than us getting priority. For motors, we are sending out everything we currently have and more will be coming. I don't have a date for the motors yet. The motors are custom wound for us and the drivers are also modified from what from what they normally produce. So, they are just an on the shelf product.

May 25, 2021 - Because this page was acting strange and wouldn't update correctly, I've started it over fresh. Anyway, we have a long awaited shipment of 5C spindles that are schedule to arrive late next week. This is our first batch using our changed manufacturing process. We should have motor mounts and the headstock casings for R8, ISO20, ER here late June.