Pre-Order Updates

BT-30, ISO-20 & 5C Headstocks

The initial batch of spindle arbors, BT30, ISO20, 5C came with incorrect tapers and I didn't catch the problem for awhile (my fault). So, we decided to switch shops for the spindle arbor manufacturing and they have told us to expect 8 weeks until they are produced. I'm sorry about this delay guys.  We appreciate your patience and understanding.

Update as of 2/10/2020 - I was told by our supplier that we should expect to have all the parts the last week of February.

Update as of 2/22/2020 - Some of our key precision components are made in China. Because of the Coronavirus, the manufacture had to apply to the government to re-open. Currently, they are waiting to get approval. We have paid for Express Air shipping, so as soon as they are able to re-open, they will send the parts out. Every one of you guys have been great about this and I thank you for your patience. I would have never guessed in a million years that a virus would hold things up. Again, I genuinely appreciate your consideration and I know some of you guys have projects you want to get started on. As soon as we get everything, we will start sending out orders as fast as we can... James