Pre-Order Updates

BT-30, ISO-20 & 5C Headstocks

The initial batch of spindle arbors, BT30, ISO20, 5C came with incorrect tapers and I didn't catch the problem for awhile (my fault). So, we decided to switch shops for the spindle arbor manufacturing and they have told us to expect 8 weeks until they are produced. I'm sorry about this delay guys.  We appreciate your patience and understanding.

Update as of 2/10/2020 - I was told by our supplier that we should expect to have all the parts the last week of February.

Update as of 2/22/2020 - Some of our key precision components are made in China. Because of the Coronavirus, the manufacture had to apply to the government to re-open. Currently, they are waiting to get approval. We have paid for Express Air shipping, so as soon as they are able to re-open, they will send the parts out. Every one of you guys have been great about this and I thank you for your patience. I would have never guessed in a million years that a virus would hold things up. Again, I genuinely appreciate your consideration and I know some of you guys have projects you want to get started on. As soon as we get everything, we will start sending out orders as fast as we can... James

Update 03/03/2020 - Great News...we just got a big chunk of the parts in! We now have all the steel parts and are just waiting on the remain aluminum parts. As you can see, we now have the 5C, BT-30 and ISO-20 spindle arbors and related internal parts. We will get to work polishing and assembling what we can while we wait on the rest of the aluminum parts. Coming next is the BT-30 pulley, Taig mill mount set, Taig lathe mount and 5C headstock casing. We now have all the parts for the ISO-20. The 220v motors should arrive this month and I'm waiting for a date on the 110v motors. Alternatively, we may offer our 110v customers a free step-up transformer to 220v. The 220v motors will be here the soonest (plus, we have 220v brushless AC servo axis motor sets coming soon too!). Thanks to everyone for you continued patience. The coronavirus has been kind of a strange thing to affect machine parts delivery.

Update #2 03/03/2020 - I just heard from our supplier for the aluminum parts. They estimate those parts to ship to us on the 20th.

Update 03/12/2020 - We are still on for final headstock parts shipment leaving to us on the 20th. As soon as we get all the parts, we will clean and assemble them as soon as possible.

Update 03/15/2020 - The aluminum parts have been finished and will be packed up and shipped this coming week!

Update 03/23/2020 - The aluminum parts have shipped! It's coming via DHL. As soon as we get the parts, we'll get to work and get them out as soon as possible.

Update #2 03/23/2020 - Almost forgot...the motors should also be here while I'm getting the assembly work done on the headstocks...and completed orders will be sent!

Update 03/31/2020 - Parts have arrived in the USA! Waiting for the shipment to be released.

Update 04/03/2020 - We just now paid the import fees to DHL (the have limited staff, the division doesn't even pick up the phone at this point, messages only). Anyway, the final headstock parts should be here early next week...finally! I'm looking for an update on the motors next week.

Update 04/06/2020 - All the headstock parts have arrived! I just now started unpacking it all. First thing I need to do is spec everything. I'll then start on assembly. Keep in mind that, because of the mandatory "stay at home" order in Michigan, I'm doing all of this by myself...I'll work on getting it all done as quickly as possible, but I also have to take the time to make sure things are right too. Of course, I'll continue to make updates on this page as well. I hope everybody has remained safe during this time.

Update 04/28/2020 - The motors have finally cleared customs and will arrive to us tomorrow. We've been super busy getting things assembled. As you probably know, once a spindle is mounted in the bearings and the headstock, we have to grind the collet or tool mating surface. We're waiting for the grinding shop to open up so we can get this last step done. Currently, Michigan is in lock down and our grinding shop didn't qualify for a necessary business (the state threatened fines if the shop didn't close down). Anyway, in the mean time, we're assembling our own ID grinder to see if we can speed everything up and get stuff shipping. We're chomping at the bit to get these orders out! Again, all of you guys have been great and very patient with a small business owner during this strange moment in time...we really appreciate it!

Update 05/11/2020 - The governor of Michigan has extended the re-open date for most businesses to May 28. Unfortunately, that includes the grinding shop we use. Because of this, we are also building our own ID grinder..just in case the governor extends that time again. We have ordered the custom ID grinding mounts (CBN type for hardened steel, mounted on carbide shafts) and are setting up that machine now. As side note, because of our needing to engineer this grinder, we will likely also offer high precision micron level ID/OD grinders in the future. Because of the crazy nature of this pandemic, any estimate for a time period will be a bit of a "guestiment". Unless things change, the grinding shop will open May 28th. For our grinder build, we will receive the needed grinding points early June. Which ever method of grinding becomes available first, we will use that. Thanks again and please be sure to take every precaution when it comes to the health of you and your family.

Update 05/26/2020 - We have decided that we will be doing our own in-house ID grinding on the spindles. The governor of Michigan has extended the stay at home order into June (and will likely extend it again). Because we should have the CBN grinding points in our hands in 2 weeks (should be made this week and a week for shipping), it only makes sense of us to do the grinding. Even if the grinding shop we use did open shortly, we would have no control over other bigger orders they may put ahead of, we're keeping it in-house to control things. Of course, once we get the grinding points, there will be a little bit of a learning curve while we test and dial in our grinder setup. As soon as we have it working well, then we'll get to work grinding and fulfilling orders!