Terms & Policy

All of our headstocks leave here fully tested.  We offer a 60 replacement warranty against defective parts for electronics and 90 days for non electronics.  Wearable items, such as cutting tools and bearings do not carry a warranty, however they may be returned within 30 days if defective. Buying pays for shipping to us and we will pay for return shipping.  We do not cover damage during installation or use (which I’m sure you know, but we had to say it).We are not responsible for any injury directly or indirectly relating to the use of our products.  Please make sure to always use proper safety procedures and equipment.We do our best to make sure our website is updated and there are no errors.  As our products change, the actual specifications or product appearance may change.  We may also make the occasional typographical error too.

It’s not uncommon for us to sellout of parts when big orders come in. This can delay shipments.