Sherline & Taig Motor Upgrades

Looking For More Power?…You’ve Just Found It!

Brushless 750 Watt & 1,200 Watt

Both Sherline and Taig have good little light duty motors…they’re just way under powered. You may have discovered the same issues. Plus, the Sherline motors don’t seem to like high work loads for long stretches of time. The other issue was torque. We wanted high torque at any speed. So, we simply decided to design motors and drivers custom made for Sherline & Taig mills and lathes….and the can be controlled by CNC or a simple knob. Because these are brushless and the brushless driver monitors the speed, it will add power as needed to maintain the selected speed. This allows for a tremendous amount of torque throughout the speed range.


  • 750 & 1200 Watt High Torque Brushless Continuous Duty Motors (fan cooled)
  • CNC controllable using industry standard 0-10v signal, for PWM use the commonly available PWM to 0-10v signal converter
  • About the same weight as stock motor, but with much more power
  • No modifications needed for Sherline or Taig to mount (or course, it mounts directly to our Heavy Duty Headstocks as well).
  • Brushless controller with 5 digit motor tachometer showing motor speed
  • Remote wired controller
  • Motor RPM 5,400
  • Motor is reversible through the controller
  • 110v or 220 volt
  • Kit includes: Brushless Motor + Controller, Mounts & Cabling
  • The pictured pulley with belt is optional because some like to use their own pulley. Shaft is 14mm with 5mm key
  • The optional control box features; Speed Control Knob, Direction, Engage, & Brake switches