About Us

Need the Ultimate in Sherline(TM) Precision?

You can now have the super precision and flexibility with our new patent pending ER25, ER32, ER40 and ER50 for the Sherline lathe, mill or custom setup!  Our headstocks come preloaded with the spindle and bearing into a Sherline head casing.  We use them in our everyday manufacturing process for our sister companies for precision .0005” TIR.  In fact, we turn parts with our ER systems with .0005”+/- everyday…even though the Sherline headstock’s say they aren’t even rated for that kind of precision. 

Shortly after we started to produce high-end spindles for the Sherline headstock casing, we discovered the motor was next. Now we produce a 550, 750 and dual 750 watt motor configuration. It is a direct replacement for the stock Sherline motor. Plus, we now have Mach3 and Mach4 interfaces for it. What was next….well simply put, after a few years we now decided the heastock casing and bearings where as as robust as wanted. You can now get a directly fit heavy duty replacement headstock with more “meat” and far far bigger bearings.