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Need the Ultimate in Sherline(TM) & Taig Precision?

Have you ever been frustrated by the lack of precision in mini or benchtop mill or lathe? Back in 2007, we ran into the same issue. It started with the Sherline lathe. The stock we needed to cut was too large for the WW collet system and the jaw chuck was useless for our needs. Plus, the spindle bearings were a lower grade than what we needed. Our parts went into superchargers and needed very tight tolerances. The rotating parts could spin up to 200,000 RPM. Some rotating parts operated very close to fixed parts (compressor wheel to be specific). The closer we could operate the rotating parts to the fixed parts without collision, the higher the efficiency of the supercharger. So anyway, we decided to have our own spindle arbors ground to use ER32 collets. The results ended up being amazing! We could turn parts in the .000050″ range. Currently, the best combination for that kind of precision using our adjustable ER nut, ultra-precision collets, ABEC-9 bearings with a secondary grinding operation to the collet mating surface. When others discovered the level of precision we were getting, they wanted us to make the headstocks for them too. And so began GlockCNC.com…

You can now have the super precision and flexibility with our new patent pending; ER25, ER32, ER40 and ER50 for the Sherline & Taig lathe, mill or custom setup!  Our headstocks come preloaded with the spindle and bearings. You can either get a Sherline head casing or our Heavy Duty Headstock casing (we mostly sell the Heavy Duty version).  We use them in our everyday manufacturing process for our sister companies for precision .0005” TIR or much better.  In fact, we turn parts with our ER systems with .0005” less every day…even though the Sherline headstock’s say they aren’t even rated for that kind of part precision.

Shortly after we started to produce high-end spindles for the Sherline headstock casing, we discovered the motor was next. Now we produce a 750 and 1200 watt motor and driver combination. It is a direct replacement for the stock Sherline or Taig motor (Taig OEM headstock requires one of our spindle pulleys or you may make your own). Plus, we now have Mach3 and Mach4 interfaces for it. What was next? Well simply put, after a few years, we now decided the headstock casing and bearings weren’t as robust as we wanted. You can now get a direct fit Heavy Duty replacement headstock with more “meat” and far far bigger bearings. The weak dovetail mounting system for the Taig mill & lathe has been replaced by a much heavier mount to work with our heavy duty headstocks.

What about the future?

On the drawing board are the 5C headstock, ISO20 & ISO30 tool changing headstocks! These will likely start out as a Kickstarter project to reduce the cost of production…and that means a better deal for you as the user. We also have a fiber concrete composite lathe coming out in the future. It’s designed for super high precision needs. Not just a precision headstock, but a precision machine system. See our Blog to keep up to date.