Terms & Policy

All of our headstocks leave here fully tested.  We offer a 60 day replacement warranty against defective parts for electronics and 90 days for non electronics.  Wearable items, such as cutting tools and bearings do not carry a warranty, however, they may be returned within 30 days if defective. Buying pays for shipping to us and we will pay for return shipping.  We do not cover damage during installation or use (which I’m sure you know, but we had to say it). Please keep in that we often do a run-in procedure for bearings. Sometimes this may show rub marks or in some cases remove a little bit of anodization where the screw or lock washer sat. In these cases, when the screw is replaced, that area is covered back up and in no way affects performance. We are not responsible for any injury directly or indirectly relating to the use of our products.  Please make sure to always use proper safety procedures and equipment. We do our best to make sure our website is updated and there are no errors.  As our products change, the actual specifications or product appearance may change.  We may also make the occasional typographical error too. All orders, including pre-orders, are considered custom made or locked in and therefore once placed, are non-refundable. We make every effort possible to get orders out as soon as possible. However, sometimes things come up and can delay shipments. Orders, Pre-Orders, and out of stock orders are non-refundable because, as a small business, we have a cash outlay to get the parts built, calculate those orders into the cash outlay for parts and running an on going business. Please make sure to understand this page before placing your order, as there are no exceptions.

SUBSTITUTIONS – Because of widespread supplier issues with businesses…including our suppliers, we reserve the right to substitute products with equal or greater quality. The most common situation for this is tooling.

Pre-Orders and out of stock orders can require a substantial cash outlay by us to get the parts. This is because we have to order in batches to keep cost down and maintain flow of business. For this reason, we count on customers waiting and accepting pre-orders and any out of stock orders. That’s the major reason why we don’t offer refunds on pre-orders and out of stock orders.  Pre-orders and out of stock orders often involve multiple part suppliers. As such, we can encounter delays out of our control.  In some cases, we need to even switch suppliers. We can only estimate delivery times based on what suppliers tell us, some parts may suddenly become out of stock, we may not have the stock we thought because of a stocking error, and can’t predict unforeseen occurrences. Again, as a small business we try to do our best and any time estimates on any order are estimates only. This means customers may need to be patient until we get the parts and assemble them. We try to keep our News & Updates page updated with the latest information.

This policy and terms page is important to understand. It has been designed to be straight forward and clear with our customers. Hopefully, that all made sense. If not, please call us before ordering.

All used, demo or “scratch’n dent” items are sold “AS IS” with no warrant

SHIPPING – We use a variety of shipping methods and service providers. Because shipping fees are constantly changing now days, we reserve the right to change carriers at any time. Fulfillment times can vary widely depending up stock and if an order requires an outside service to complete the order. Generally for in-stock part orders it’s 5 to 10 business days…but again, this can change at anytime because we often sell out and many suppliers aren’t as quick as they used to be.

It’s not uncommon for us to sell out of parts when big orders come in. This can delay shipments.

Warranty Returns must be sent along with an Return Authorization Number to:

GlockCNC.com 56 Piper Ave, Battle Creek, MI 49017